Key Figures
Founded in 2001, NEXGO dedicates to research and development, manufacturing of POS terminals and providing comprehensive associated technical services for electronic payment.

  • 2001
    Founded in 2001

  • 2010
    Listed in 2010

  • 5
    2016 World Ranking NO.5

  • 25,000,000
    25 Million Terminals

  • 70
    70+ Countries
Smart POS
All-in-one Payment

Elegant Android device.
5.5 inch touch screen. 5200 mAh battery. Customized APP.


NEXGO is specialized in high-class solutions.

I'm a restaurant owner. I'm using NEXGO N5.
Smarter and easier
I'm a courier. I'm using NEXGO G3.
Pay anywhere
I'm a supermarket cashier. I'm using NEXGO T2.
Quick transaction.