NEXGO in Brazil
2016-06-09 NEXGO

        Nowadays, a lot of Chinese companies are desiring opening the market of Brazil.

        Brazil is first economic power in Latin America. This country has a huge potential to develop the trade marketing under the electronic technique, Energy and electric power, mining, automotive, agriculture, infrastructure construction, renewable energy, real estate and tourism etc.

        The Olympic games will hold in Brazil in 2016. Not only Brazil itself, at the same time, It will bring a lot of business opportunities to our country.

        Apparently, NEXGO is not the first Chinese POS producer who had entered the Brazil market, but we have the ambition to become the best company in Brazil to provide POS Terminal machine and service to facilitate the Brazilians lives.

        Presently we already got the certification of ANATEL, and same time our own and unique website: “” that represents our company to provide service to customers Brazilians is under constructing. The homepage in Facebook: “NEXGO do Brasil” is going to attend all of the clients in Brazil also.

        For the Brazilians who have problems in purchasing our machines or in operation and maintenance of our machines, could make an inquiry trough this homepage. We will help you resolve all of the problems ASAP. To provide fast and convenient service to local customers is the reason to set up this homepage.

        For opening the Brazil market, we still need to understand more local policy and culture. Exporting our machine to Brazil, must be a beneficial thing not only for our company but also for the Brazil people. A mutual benefit deserves a win-win result. NEXGO is ready.